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The Janus Preamplifier, Calypso Tube Linestage, Rhea Tube Phono Stage, Atlas Amplifier, Pandora Vacuum Tube DAC, and Romulus Vacuum Tube DAC and CD Player make up the Aesthetix Saturn Series. Click on any image to learn more.

All Saturn Series products share quiet and efficient audio circuitry, ease of use and excellent build quality:

  • A single remote control can operate all functions of any one or all components.
  • The front window displays volume, gain, balance and loading allowing touch panel control of selected feature.
  • All products have display on/off functionality with 5-second timer. Blue LEDs and display assure lowest possible noise.
  • Both single-ended and balanced connections are provided for greatest flexibility and performance.
  • Brushed anodized chassis and side panels. Bottom of the chassis integrates into front panel for enhanced rigidity.
  • Top cover is acoustically inert and allows easy access for maintenance.
  • The transformers are encased in a stainless steel cover that provides electrical and magnetic shielding in addition to providing structural rigidity.
  • AC wires run from the enclosed rear receptacle through the channel up to the transformer cover, reducing unwanted noise and increasing clarity and dynamics.
  • Preamp and power amp audio circuit boards are derived from the Jupiter series and are dual mono, providing excellent channel separation for superb imaging.
  • All the circuit boards interconnect with minimal wiring for efficient, reliable manufacture and shortest possible signal paths.
  • Power supply design is derived from the Jupiter series. Two separate transformers, one for the high current, low voltage vacuum tube heater supplies and the other for low current high voltage, solid state and control circuitry. Choke input power supply on the high voltage transformer. All vacuum tube heaters are DC regulated.
  • In standby mode, the tubes are turned off but all of the solid-state circuitry remains powered. The high voltage supply is brought to a level above the coupling capacitor's normal AC signal range, thereby optimally conditioning them. Upon turn on, tubes are gradually brought to full power, maximizing their performance and lifespan.
  • All control circuitry is microprocessor controlled. In normal operation (when not receiving user control via front panel or remote control) the processor is "asleep." There are no clock signals unless a button is pressed on either the front panel or remote, at which time the processor wakes up, executes the request, then goes back to "sleep."
  • All Saturn Series products can be ordered with either a black or silver faceplate.

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Saturn Series: Janus Full-Function Preamplifier

Saturn Series: Rhea Tube Phono Stage

Saturn Series: Calypso Tube Linestage

Saturn Series: Atlas Amplifier

Saturn Series: Pandora Vacuum Tube USB and SPDIF
Digital-to-Analog Converter

Saturn Series: Romulus Vacuum Tube USB and SPDIF
Digital-to-Analog Converter and CD Player



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